Casella Apex 2 Pump – Intrinsically Safe Sampling Pump – Feature Blog by Joel Myerson

The Casella Apex 2 pump is an intrinsically safe sampling pump with a range of 50 milliliter all the way up to 5 liters. The pump has some unique features. The Apex 2 has a motion sensor – the percentage of time that the pump has been moving is included in the data run.

The motion sensor is an indicator as to whether or not the pump was actually worn during the full run or if someone put it down or took it off for part of the run. The plus and pro versions of the pump have Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth connects to Casella’s Airwave app. Airwave allows you to see the current data from the Apex pump.  Airwave work with all of Casella’s noise dosimeters as well.

For someone managing pumps in the field, the Airwave app is a very easy way to monitor all pumps within Bluetooth range which is typically 100 feet line of sight.  The app can be used to see the status and cumulative data on the pump, to turn on and off the pumps, or to pause and the restart all of the pumps. The pro version of the pump has the same Bluetooth capability, and adds the ability to program start and stop times.

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