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Visit Us at the NH Emergency Preparedness Show

Posted by: safetyinc - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On Wednesday June 11, stop by our booth at New Hampshire Emergency Preparedness Conference at the Radisson hotel in Manchester, NH from 7:30am-4:00pm. We will feature ILC Dover and Gasmet products.

ILC Dover makes hospital PAPR and CBRN kits which are designed to be used in the health care industry. The PAPRs are designed to protect healthcare workers against current and emerging infectious respiratory diseases such as H1N1, H7N9 and MERS. Gasmet’s DX4040 portable FTIR was designed with Safety Engineers, Technicians, Hygienists and First Responders in mind and provides identification and quantification of toxic vapors and gases in the workplace and field.

To learn more about the show and register to attend, visit their website at:

See Our Newest Newsletter on Products and Services Available for Hospitals & Medical Centers

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

healthcare paprWe have PAPR kits and suits for hospital applications to protect employees from current and emerging infectious situations and for CBRN applications; fixed and portable instrumentation to detect and measure toxic gases; and we can service your PAPRs.

Learn more in our newsletter.



Flexible Current Transformer (rocoil)

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Thursday, December 5, 2013

Now available from Dent Instruments

New three-channel integrating transconductance amplifier

RoCoil TCA-5 translates the electrical output signal from the RoCoil current sensor to a 5 amp AC current, emulating a traditional current sensing transformer.

  • Flexibility and ease-of-installation for applications using power meters with 5A current transformer inputs
  • DIN rail or panel mounted device requiring an external 48 VDC power supply.
  • Factory-calibrated for use with DENT RoCoil CTs
  • Output current is between 0 – 5.0 Amps (RMS)
  • Available RoCoil sensing ranges are 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 Amps (selectable)
  • Use on three-phase or single phase systems
  • 50/60Hz
  • More information

New mA Loop Calibrator with HART Communications

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New mA Loop Calibrator with HART Communications from Martel/Beta Calibrators

  • Supports some the HART universal and common practice commands allowing it to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.
  • HART communications for universal and common practice commands
  • 24VDC loop power with mA Measure Mode (-25% to 125%)
  • Built in selectable 250Ù Resistor for HART Communications
  • Monitor PV unit, PV, PV mA, PV % and Trim DAC zero/gain
  • Capture twenty transmitter configurations for upload via BetaLOG HART software
  • More information

A New Rugged UV Single or Multi-Component Gas Analyzer from Ametek Western Research

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  • Can be used as standalone or part of an CEM
  • Configure to measure most gas species that absorb in the UV including SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, COS, CS2, NH3, and BTX.
  • Measure up to five components simultaneously without interference from Water and CO2
  • 19” Rackmountable
  • Supports Modbus/RS485, Ethernet connectivity
  • Analog and digital outputs, serial communications via Modbus protocol
  • Optional paramagnetic oxygen sensor can be included to provide O2 corrected concentrations
  • More information

Real Time Dust/Aerosol Monitor with NIST traceable field calibrator

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Thursday, November 7, 2013

For real-time detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols the Casella CEL 712
A rugged, hand-held, data logging instrument. The only instrument of it’s type that can be zero and span calibrated by the user – no need for expensive annual factory span calibrations

  • Easy to use, with an intuitive icon driven interface
  • Large graphical color display to instantly view current level and concentration over time to identify events and trends.
  • Ideal for walk-through surveys or continuous evaluation of workplace or ambient environments.
  • Provides qualitative data of aerosol and dust concentration which cannot be obtained through gravimetric air sampling methods alone.
  • Accommodates a range of accessories for gravimetric and size-selective sampling applications
  • Highest maximum measurement range of any hand-held real-time dust monitor available today
  • Zero- and span-calibrated in the field for maximum accuracy.
  • More information


Sentinel CBRN PAPR – Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hooded papr is NIOSH CBRN approved, and can be converted for use with P100 (hepa) cartridges  to protect health care workers against infectious respiratory diseases such as H1N1, N7N9, and MERS

• Secure threaded hose/head cover interface is easy to use with speaking diaphragm for easy communication
• Air flow capacity 7.5-8cfm with smooth air flow

• NiMH batteries eliminate “memory effect” associated with NiCd batteries
• Rugged dual chamber blower design for increased durability
• NiMH, lithium, Alkaline batteries with low battery alarm
• Easily decontaminated
• Charger included
• Lightweight
• Please call for additional details – 978-532-7330.

Safety Inc is the exclusive service center for ILC Dover paprs, and also a master distributor. We have developed a multi-unit charger for the ILC Dover paprs.

Selection, Care and Use of Chemical Protective Clothing

Posted by: safetyinc - Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another webinar in our learn from the experts series. Join us on November 14 at 12 pm (ET) and log into and enter code 678-467-898. You will learn from an expert at Kappler about:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Testing/Evaluation
  • Selection
  • Care and Use

For more information on our Learn From the Experts Webinar program click here.

Safety Inc Calibration Gas promotion through 12/31/13

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trade in your calibration gas cylinders and receive $ 25 off  your purchase of a  replacement cylinder.

  • 100’s of gases available
  • Single gas per cylinder or multiple gases per cylinder
  • NIST traceable accuracy
  • High and low concentrations
  • Restrictions: $25 credit must be used at time of trade in.
  • More information

Understanding Thermal Glove technology

Posted by: Caroline Ronten - Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A first degree burn affects the epidermis only. A second degree burn affects the dermis at some level (superficial or deep).  A third degree burn affects both the epidermis and the dermis, destroying them . Scalding may occur at 113°F and accelerates as the temperature increases.

Thus the importance of thermal gloves. The parameters which influence thermal insulation are: contact temperature, pressure or weight of the part, and contact time/non-contact time.

EN 407 specifies the test methods and the general requirements, the classification and the marking of gloves for protection against heat and/or fire (flames, contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small metal splashes or large projections of molten metal) for thermal gloves.

The contact heat level measures whether it takes more than 15 seconds to raise the temperature inside the glove by 18°F (10°C), in an environment at ambient temperature and with the hot part in constant contact.
mapa thermal gloves

- Contact Heat Resistance Lev1 -100°C (212ºF)

- Contact Heat Resistance Lev 2 – 250°C (482ºF)

- Contact Heat Resistance Lev 3 -350°C (662ºF)

- Contact Heat Resistance Lev 4 -500°C (932ºF)

The level is achieved as long as inner glove temperature does not exceed 18°F after 15 seconds of contact. Glove is under no pressure. Contact is one time only.

Standard EN 407 is not discriminating: Even a thin glove may pass level 1 even if they are not designed for thermal protection.  However EN 407 does not address degeneration of the materials: a glove may meet the Standard even though its constituent materials deteriorate at the defined temperatures.  In addition, EN 407 doesn’t allow gloves to be ranked according to their thermal insulation

In addition to contact temperature and pressure or weight of the part, contact vs. non contact time is of key importance. How long is the time between two contacts with the hot part , the glove can cool down completely. Contact time is enough to recommend a glove Ex : Moving an individual hot component from one work station to another.


Repeated Contact – Short time between two contacts with the hot part, the glove can’t cool down completely. “Non contact” time has also to be taken into account to recommend a glove. Ex : Rapid inspection of metallic parts after thermal process.

Thermal insulation should not be confused with thermal resistance. Thermal insulation is the capability of the material to reduce the heat transfer between hot part and the hand. Thermal resistance is the ability of the material no to be deteriorated at high temperatures.

It is important to take into account the materials used in a glove when looking at thermal results. For example, natural rubber starts to soften at 150°C (302°F) and leaves a mark on the product being handled. It will even start to release a distinctively smelling smoke.  Polyamid gloves start to stick to the part being handled at 150°C (302°) but a Kevlar glove at the same temperature will stay intact.

Generally the thicker the glove results in a longer the allowed contact time. More layers improve results, with air being the best insulator of all. Each layer in the glove captures the maximum amount of air and protects the hand effectively from the hot part. The thermal insulation can be as effective as thick fabric. Even dot embossing provides better thermal insulation.

When selecting thermal gloves, look for the EN407 ratings as well as the temperature, pressure or weight and contact vs. non-contact time of your application.

Click here to see available heat and cold thermal gloves.

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